On the Issues

Anthony Dickson BELIEVES.

Anthony Dickson believes that district 134 desires a leader who still believes in transparency and is willing to fight for the citizens of District 134. Anthony Dickson believes that laws should not discriminate and divide individuals and families. We need a lawmaker committed to making policies that bring Georgians together instead of separating us.

On the Minimum Wage

It is time that we start having actual conversations about the minimum wage in the State of Georgia. People in our community work 40+ hours a week, struggling off those wages. Unfortunately, the increase in the cost of living has drastically outperformed the minimum wage requirement. Anthony Dickson believes there are solutions to increasing minimum wage so that a family member that works 40+ hours doesn't have to. As a representative, you deserve a representative who will fight to ensure that your concerns will not ignore your problems.

On Education

Anthony Dickson believes that students should receive the same quality education regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. However, the discrepancy between low-income and high-income students requires our attention. We need solutions that work. Georgia ranks 38th in the nation for education. Let's start with investing more dollars into each student and increasing teachers' pay.

On Medicaid

Anthony Dickson believes expanding Medicaid in Georgia is the human thing to do. Being able to do something for all Georgians and having the authority to make a difference in another human being's life is expected of you as a representative of District 134. Georgia is one of 12 states not to vote to expand Medicaid. (Per KFF.org published: February 24, 2022.) Every citizen in District 134 deserves health care at an affordable price. The expansion of Medicaid will provide long-term care coverage to low-income children, pregnant women, adults, seniors, and people with disabilities, to more than 50,000 residents of district 134. Anthony Dickson believes the expansion of Medicaid will support thousands of citizens affected by COVID. The pandemic took loved ones from us. Some citizens are still dealing with the side effect of COVID; whether it's mental or physical, expanding Medicaid will help address the issues citizens are facing.

On Voting Rights

Anthony Dickson believes every eligible voter in Georgia should have the right to vote and have it counted without barriers. But, unfortunately, the Republicans put walls in place to discourage you from voting. On March 25, 2022, Governor Kemp signed SB202 into law, enacting a series of changes to the state's election administration procedures. As a Georgia House Representative for District 134, I will prioritize voting rights essential to democracy and an efficient Government. Anthony Dickson believes if we don't fight for our rights, we won't have any.


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