Anthony Dickson BELIEVES.

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Why I'm Running

Anthony Dickson believes that district 134 desires a leader who still believes in transparency and is willing to fight for the citizens of District 134. Anthony Dickson believes that laws should not discriminate and divide individuals and families. We need a lawmaker committed to making policies that bring Georgians together instead of separating us.

On the Issues

Anthony Dickson is running for the House of Representatives to fight for increased minimum wage, quality education for all, and the legalization of cannabis. However, Anthony Dickson still believes in transparency and is willing to fight for the citizens of District 134.


 Anthony Dickson believes expanding Medicaid in Georgia is the human thing to do. Being able to do something for all Georgians and having the authority to make a difference in another human being's life is expected of you as a representative of District 134.

Minimum Wage

Anthony Dickson believes there are solutions to increasing minimum wage so that a family member that works 40+ hours doesn't have to.

On Education

Anthony Dickson believes that students should receive the same quality education regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

About Anthony

Anthony grew up in Griffin, graduated from Griffin High School, attended Fort Valley State College on a football scholarship, and later transferred to Mercer University. He earned his bachelor's degree while attending college full time; he went to work in the public school system as a paraprofessional and later a teacher teaching middle grades at Cowan Road Middle School.

However, Anthony wasn't satisfied with earning a bachelor's degree. Instead, he put his sights on earning an MBA. Which he did from Strayer University, where he graduated Magna Cum Lauda.

Anthony has three children Xzavier, Christopher, and Ebony Dickson. He also has three grandsons, Aydin, Brycen, and Christopher Dickson, Jr.

Anthony enjoys reading, spending time with his family, and fishing.


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